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So, it's after midnight now, here in NYC... Behind my best wanderings (for physical therapy for my bad leg, LOL) in the west village, hanging out in the far east village alphabet urban center, then spending next to three hours with the little@ unification SQ p; ayground.... LOLOLOL... And then arguing with HENCE tiara both, telling them BOTH so that you can fuck off, LOL.. And my favorite duck place, along with my favorit Halal place being closed... The popeye's chicken on main st. was open!! LOL!! And, after walking half a mile to my crib, I found a coupla brooklyn lagers dad had left in the fridge, when he went back to germany!! LLOLOLOLOLOLLLLL!!!!! Bwahahahahaha! LOLOLOLOL!! Ltr tardmoz - I'm using my android phone on a G network as the hotspot, but I'm gonna turn off the hotspot bring my phone into the bedroom... LOLLOL! Nighty nite dirkie, titor, and the anonymous pussy fuckwit negger! LOL! Who the H*ll are you and what slimy rock did you crawl out from under? My amazing advantages, I haven't been to this forum around ages and I visualize it has attracted a lot of real sad as well as angry people. Oh, but then you may aren't human. That would explain it. I disagree. Holiday position search market definitely not that bad! I have had face to face interviews this week and perchance a th. For all y'all that think this is the worst time to search think again. I think a lot of people have time to be able to interview while their own boss's are right out the office. gooood luck out there folks! What are the Job Titles you may have interviewed for? patty fryer tire guy, lettuce washer and parking clerk. sanitation engineerWhat Planet is this guy On I'm wearing out the e-mail, fax and pohone and nada. My temp agency(s) aren't coming up with anything. I guess My organization is just blessed.... MARKETING stuff I'm not glotting but just can't believe it. I have an okay marketing resume during the sports industry and have been getting sooo numerous s jus this approach week south park artwork south park artwork though. B/ this its been spotty. I honsetly have not been ing adviser positions back at this moment! all most all of the stuff that has become hitting has really been from CL. Hang in there gang!

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How are you currently doing? - k per year, in Assets, MaseratiObviously won't know his coke^^^^^^^^fine, thanks- nited kingdom a yr, nited kingdom in assets, live at homerusty will likely not leave me al unemployable and $k indebted, but healthy! slightly hungry, but i'm quality meat nyc quality meat nyc just ok... you? Weak, No spouse, post on all of dayI am trapped in the room w/ screaming teenagers.

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ugh. My credit card issuer is jerking my chain I use my card for miles, etc and pay the balance in full possibly - times a month. Since it's the holidays I want to use it just for online purchases today (last day for FedEx) along with the card says I have no availible balance the payment was debited from my account and posted to your card. I the company and they have nerve to reveal to me "it's any unusually large repayment on my account". BULLLLLSHIT! I've been a cardmember for several years and cannot believe this nonsense. So i get a inspector. The supervisor said they are unable to do anything about that payment being availible still can review my line of credit for an rise in - company days. I don't WANT an increase! Why they are carrying out this is senseless. I told them I would cancel and utilize XYZ company instead they also don't seem to make sure you care. do you get to times a month a statement? I mean if you pay your balance in full, isn't that once a month? Again, I don't believe the OP. Someone have som extra time on their hands and wrists or something? Putting on bogus posts to make activity? If payoff times a month, why is A PERSON payment so significant? uh oh chemical the dimwit is still out of control nobody is going to get sued < AgedSage > but I have to find out which the trolls are to make sure the cops and courts to enable them to help protect me there, offline, in real life. Some of folks who troll myself are dangerous, I suspect. Just what do you need protection from Diane a dimwit?????????? Her articles or blog posts could qualify the woman to beDelusions with Perpetual Persecution. Very strong in some ethno-religious groups (and by some I mean just one). Not sure what you're sharing friend, but on a side note consider what's being designed in Ukraine right now? she controls you and your mindlolol no, dude. she has so many people posting to her crazy posts, not just

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Trap and switch applying Expedia? A relative visiting Italy has recently posted that typiy the hotel they reserved in Rome using Expedia hasn't been the hotel they will got. They decided on the hotel for the address listed on the receipt and were redirected into a crummy flea-bag scum pit. They are fighting it when they get home but meantime Expedia is not really standing behind any standards. Are you mindful of this happening to everybody else? I have used Priceline in the last and feel of which online booking generally is a great thing. Their experience is usually making me considermore time. Cable can't say where he got his nd dwelling even the state is usually a huge secret. The person cant stop telling lies. You can't stop stalkingYou have a home in what state???? Refusal? POST A CITY OR STFU LEAD! How about a state or region. NO bank will provide him a loan with no recent job back ground. Not even VETERANS ADMINISTRATION. I told you dicks, I had a small number of contracts in the lastyears. It was eventually enough. Is what exactly states? And no which is not enough. What bank said it was eventually? take it to help email, fag having been fired insurance I was lay of and went for unemployment weeks before. Every couple in days I tested out to file your weekly claim, but the option will not available on the iphone or online. I Figured it was eventually because the initially week doesn't count up anyway. Now On the net out that my claim has become cancelled because I have not filed a weekly claim. The debtor service automated procedure always says there're too busy and to back later. How am I presupposed to get unemployment added benefits?

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YOU BITCHES BEEN WARNED-Karl Denninger is actually right! This is why I pull outcash out of my BoA account each month and I actualy spread my paper variety in cash/brokarage accounts/internationaly "PS: The deception can't continue beyond where the cash flow prevents. In the end you cannot pay your energy bill with fake capitalized interest that you will NEVER collect! That day, unfortunately, will likely coincide with the collapse from the FDIC, at which issue every nickel you have in any bank anywhere will be GONE, courtesy of our government continuing make it possible for, allow and even participate in raw fraud. Its been going on now for more thanyears of us, and the cops have all happen to be bribed! "go away- seriously -NOWANTS YOU!!!!! lol bitch... I'm not here to be liked just in order to warn... part o the velveteen rabbit the velveteen rabbit f everybody feels guilty knowing how the ultra wealthy is going to suck all the wealth out of the poor and central class to reset to zero the global financial system. Its the drawback of capitalism... the painfull reabration of wealth and laborNO 1 CARES ABOUT A RANTINGdude seriously... if denninger had been as smart as you think, the bond market would have already collapsed a long time ago remember as soon as he posted all those fancy charts the fact that PROVED it? Chart's didn't help Pero get decided now did theperot was initially kooky but probably would have a balanced budget amendment by now had we decided himPerot was a good guy... shame the elites tr photography class in photography class in ashed his reputation for personal political gains. if someone is going to wi diet recipe chicken diet recipe chicken n rd party they will h high fiber low sugar muffin recipe high fiber low sugar muffin recipe ave to beyond reproach. most most likely, they'll need to become already famous (. arnold or jesse ventura) otherwise both parties will stop at nothing to keep their stranglehold concerning politics as usual.

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employing ebay for promotion? Hey All, I have a smallish software tool i developed to use CD/DVD duplication gear. Its not a kind of software that people today know exists (it would be the first of it's kind). Since its not something everyone is " eing" to discover - I was wondering about putting it upon ebay so many people buying used CD/DVD equipment found it. I was contemplating to just sell off the trial version (download) in the software for anything at all. I don't expect it to trade, since you may download the trial at no cost - but the thing is to show many of the equipment users which the software exists. Any thoughts on that? Anyone else offered a "useless" public auction or auction forloss just for your marketing? Yes, carefully My jewelry creation client in TJ submitted an ad within eBay for her services and ended while using disclaimer that he / she was selling an online business card only owing to eBay restrictions. Now, he was capable to put a great deal of juice into the actual ad and he did have a lot connected with bids and organization. You should investigate terms and conditions and you should want to register the the newsgroup where you will see experts in typiy the field who might possibly either flame you or assist you to depending on his or her's collective brainwaves during the time.

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Denzel Buenos aires wears a kaffiye horizon elliptical trainer horizon elliptical trainer h in his new progress "The Book from Eli. " He's the excellent Guy, by in the same manner. *snicker*What in society is wrong with you? Who cares with regards to Denzel Washington not to mention his kaffiyeh? Also why did you take the saying *snicker* from Droso? Can't you post something makes sense, pertaining to once? I love it - it is who. You would have seen this unique justprohibited. The kaffiyeh is often a political statement. Check out how Dunkin Donuts was basiy dissed big time by your -- um -- censors -- whenever Rachel Reyes worein any Dunkin Donuts advertising campaign. And now, simply a year later, this is Denzel Washington carrying, of all important things, a kaffiyeh in a very movie that comes together years after typiy the nuclear apocolypse, and he or maine hunting laws maine hunting laws she is T wireless weather station and clock wireless weather station and clock HE GOOD LAD. That's really a depiction. The times, these are a-changin. ' Mark tock tick tockSO whatever? Adolf Hitler dressed in donners pass weather donners pass weather a necktie. Does that produce everyone who will wearan bad megalomaniac? Again, whom cares? It is absolutely not a political affirmation. Only in head it became 1. Your insanity is growing. Poor little djinn. Djinn, no person cares. You aspire to believe that selected people do, non art garfunkel biography art garfunkel biography etheless they don't. When I notice a kaffiyeh, I don't think it over,way and / or another.

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Meeting with them . with unemployment dept 's for this considering that my ex supervisor is disputing my claim?? How did you leave a last employer? A in Cali ideal? i was finished will this setback my benefits and additionally yes CaliNeed far more specifics. Were you let go, or were everyone fired? Did you enter your first case, and then experienced a letter stating you'd have a phone interview? Which may be what the interview is about, stories don't jive............ his words you could be terminated I have received a letter stating My organization is to receive inweek in unemployment, then today some letter stating may very well a interview on Augustguess who got a job!!! yay!! for meCongrats macbree.. peace of mind.

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